Syncopated Seduction

The sensation of stroking the landscape with the caress of a lover sent waves of erotic energy through my body. It was dusk. I was driving along undulating weaving roads over the curves and into the folds of the Dorset countryside. The tyres of the car were waking the landscape up and she was purring her enjoyment. The air was charged with electric tension. Each cats eye along the road intense and personal. The curvaceousness of the land hypnotic and deeply sensual. I found my heart speeding up as I felt I was being stroked and woken up.

I was just hours on from a three day trip to Italy where I had spent a few mesmerising hours communing with the tawny hills of Tuscany. One beautifully rounded hill topped with a dark green grove of trees surrounding an ancient monastery captured my attention. I imagined the land being formed by sound; a message, an emotion, encoded in music creating form out of the formless. And the land vibrating like a tuning fork, attracting resonant hearts. Some landscape harmonious and some landscape discordant.

There is a harmony in the Dorset landscape. And when I travel across it at a certain speed, with a particular resonance in my heart and body, a new harmonic is created – a sort of sexual chemistry, making every cell in my body arouse and celebrate the extraordinary universe we are woven within. There was no need for a climax to this experience; it was more a growing momentum of sensation, a waking up in to this world, a deeper understanding and intimacy with nature around and within me.

Once sensed, this union with the world around me, this intermingling of energy between land and air and me, and all the creations of nature in between, creates one glorious syncopation, and I smile knowingly at the land as a lover to herself.


  1. Oh delicious Francesca. Definitely seductively calling me :-)


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