A Symphony of Synchronicity or My Magical Moses Moment

When I first learned about synchronicity I wanted my life to be filled with it. And it is - when I allow myself to be in the flow of the unknown. Trying to control the outcome throttles the breath out of magic so those moments of synchronicity are starved of the oxygen of creativity. Oh but aren’t they wonderful when they happen, reminding you the world is a very magical place….?

Being a nomad has given me the freedom to say yes to many seemingly random meetings. From cat sitting one month to being introduced to an established broadcaster the next. He took me under his wing and on a totally unexpected adventure to Italy to film a documentary interview. Before going I saw the scene in my imagination - a group of us around an outside table, eating the delicious foods off their land. What a thrill then to find myself sitting al fresco on a Tuscan hillside, having a lunch of home grown organic food and wine, with one of the worlds most eminent scientists, Dr Ervin Laszlo, and his fascinating and very welcoming wife.

Magical meeting with Ervin Laszlo

Magical meeting with Ervin Laszlo

As I wandered around their gardens, in a rapture of mid summer heat, I imagined the land had been formed by music; music creating and shaping the landscape to capture its message for anyone with the heart and soul to hear. I understand why people fall in love with Italy, and this part in particular. It’s symphony is compelling. Back in England, driving through the Dorset dusk, I experienced a delicious dreamy erotic energy as if the land and I were lovers exchanging caresses. ( read more…)

When we are so in the present moment, we drop in to a deeper layer of reality. When our brains are fired up we seem to skim the surface, but breathing slower and deeper in ourselves we resonate in tune with nature. This is when we experience magic - which is a natural part of our world and the energy which binds and connects us all.

Last night, the Thames threatened the house where I’m staying on Eel Pie Island. With the Thames Barrier wielding the flow of the river our low tides have not been low, and the flow of the water has been permanently on the ebb for over a week - but it appears the high tide still shoulders its way against the massive force of the floodwater. Another temporary resident, like me, came round with torch and manliness and we marked the water at the bottom of the garden. Back inside Love Shacks magical cosiness we discussed evacuation plans over a cuppa. I laughed and said that I should wield the forces of magic and stand in front of the floodwater with hands outstretched and command the water to ‘Go back! Go back!’ Fifteen minutes later we checked the water levels in the garden again and lo and behold the flood had receded.

Marooned on Eel Pie Island

Ah, the blissful, heady magic of synchronicity!

What magical sychronicity have you conjured this year so far?


  1. In the sedateness of the Home Counties still having adventures I love it!


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