Intuitive Completion on the Death of Loved One

How do you say goodbye and move on from the death of a loved one? How do you make sense of the relationship and its finite time span, when unknown-1you believed that person was your soul mate?

It is a profound experience to walk someone through an intuitive completion on the relationship with their partner who died only a short time ago! I’ve done many intuitive completion sessions with people who are changing their jobs, moving house or even leaving their spouse, but a completion on a relationship with someone so close dying - well, this was the first time. I would love it to be the first of many!

The first stage is an immediate hurdle as it requires the ‘Client’ to acknowledge that this phase of the relationship is complete. I use the word ‘phase’ to indicate that there will always be a relationship, even when that partner has died, but it is of course distinctly different to the physical one they used to have. This is the line in the sand moment, and a powerful space from which to move forward.

The second and third steps intuitively explore and reveal what they’ve learned, how they’ve transformed and what they’ve created through the relationship. I love the depth and breadth of what intuition shows us; and there is always learning and transformation no matter whether the relationship was short, long, loving or troubled. Likewise there is always something created - it may not be as tangible as a business, or a child but there will be something extremely valuable to know. Whatever you consciously think the answers to these questions are, intuition will always offer a far deeper, more profound understanding.

Step four reveals what its true for the ‘Client’ to let go of. On an intellectual level it may seem obvious, but once again intuition reveals something often deceptively simple, which can offer surprising freedom from the challenge of grief, and a stepping stone to moving forward.

The last step is the opportunity to choose to look forward - this time by asking our intuition to reveal what that person would love to invest their time and energy in next. As intuition reveals our heart’s desire and not a logical course of action, what is revealed can be challenging to the mind, but is uplifting to the essence of a person. This stage can create a ‘state of grace’ as the understanding of the relationship, and its place in one’s life, becomes clearer. Not only that but a greater sense of Self is restored, beyond the relationship, (re-)connecting them more deeply to their reason for being.

The entire experience is humbling, profound, enlightening and inspiring.

I’ll run a follow up session in a week to boost that forward momentum. This isn’t so they deny their feelings of grief but to reinforce the different, and often more valuable, perspective on the loss of their loved one. To remember who they truly are, within a relationship with an ‘other’ as well as with themselves, is a wonderful gift to give. Out of the loss is born a love which can never be diminished by distance or time or death.



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