Favourite Fears, Nervous Tension and Mining for Gold

Staying at The Belamar Hotel

Staying at The Belamar Hotel

I have huge amounts of nervous tension, I’m still disorientated by jet lag, my upset body clock has me way out of synch, I had a really bad nights sleep last night, and in less than an hour and a half I’m one of twenty three people prototyping William Whiteclouds inaugural Million Dollar Book Club Congress in Manhatten Beach California. Twenty three of us have gathered from all around the world - flights from two and a half hours from Seattle, eleven hours from the UK and eighteen hours from Australia - to explore what the author of The Magicians Way and The Last Shaman can show us about writing a powerfully compelling story from the deepest aspects of our true self. Funny how even now a small part of me thinks how nice it would have been to stay in England and curl up with a glass of wine in front of a good film and not bother. That not bothering to open up to the best of me? Mmmm, sounds to me like my old favourite fear that everyone else has a genius apart from me. So best not to explore and be humiliated as well as disappointed, right?

BUT I am here and ready to face that demon……

How did I get here, seeing as I’m a nomad? I created it out of seemingly nothing… read more

What favourite fear do you listen to which can stop you in your tracks just as you’re about to mine for the gold of your heart and soul? And what demon can you face today?


  1. Hi Anne - love your comments - you must be my No 1 fan! :-)

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