Birthing Love at 11.11 on Valentine’s Day

Birthing from Heart to Earth

Birthing from Heart to Earth

Its the 14th February 2014 and I want to chat about love. I realised over my weekend at William Whiteclouds inaugural Million Dollar Book Club
Congress Writers Workshop
(pause for breath!) that I love experiencing and illustrating the essence of creating from our imagination but I hadn’t gone as deep as experiencing and illustrating the love which supersedes this. A whole new realm - one which I must have been assiduously avoiding.

The workshop was a magnificent journey, tearing away from the ‘how to’s of writing a book and the formulas which create imitation and derivatives to the limitless uncharted territory of our Muse - our unique genius available for us to effortlessly communicate with once we step out of the process.

I arrived back in the UK after a 10 hour flight from LA into turbulence which sent my stomach spinning in to my mouth and a day and a half later my brain feels like treacle - but I hear Williams whisper reminding me I can chat with my Muse no matter what. After all, he had a phenomenal conversation with her all through chemotherapy and wrote The Magicians Way - so who am I to complain about a little jet lag?

As I sit down I realise my treacle mind is also a frightened mind, telling me that now I have to prove how brilliantly I can write and if I don’t then I’m a fraud and not in touch with my Muse at all! I acknowledge my fears, drink my freshly made ‘jetlag juice’ and get to work.

‘Hello Muse,’ I whisper
‘I love you,’ she whispers back
‘What shall I write for my blog today?’
She proceeds to answer me in movement and energy and I actually have a sensation of energy building in my heart and whooshing out through the soles of my feet…..

So what does she tell me? She tells me there are many ways to skin a cat! What I get she means is that there are many ways to birth love in this world. At my tender non-child bearing post-menopausal age of 58, with no family with which to carry on my name, missing out on bringing a child in to the world can cause me to spiral in to ‘poor me’ sadness. But my Muse reminds me that every act of love, and every act of creation born out of this love, is a child of mine - or yours.

We generate love from our heart, it births a million things - this MacBook Air I’m writing on, the fruit I put in my juice, the lightbulb, the car, books, art, fashion…… In order for these things to become real and tangible they need to be grounded and acted upon. There must be a million ideas which never leave the heart - I have many a book which has never made it further than some lip service over a glass of wine.

The art of creating is not just to ground it by taking action, but to see it as a gift you bring to the Earth. We all see and experience the world in our own way. And what a wonderful gift it is to be able to see through someone else’s eyes. It awakens us to our own uniqueness. It gives us the opportunity to let go our judgements and enjoy and relish others perspectives. Every sharing and offering is a gift to each and every one of us.

We think about healing our ‘home’ by using less fossil fuel, planting more trees for the flights we take, recycling our rubbish - but if everything we create is brought to life from this love energy there would be nothing to heal. When we create from our hearts, we create ‘things’ in harmony with life - and that includes all of nature, not just the life in the CEO. And as each person taps in to their own heart and brings this to life, we will naturally bring healing to our world - as an effortless flow of creating. We will create a symphony, a harmony of humans creating a world we love to live in.

The letters which spell heart also spell earth!

So let your love bubble forth on this Valentine’s Day! Wishing you all a magical one. Heal on….

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  1. Stunning, beautifully put Francesca. Let that muse keep talking to you, she oozes the treacle of love

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