Can We Really Shift From a Dog Eat Dog World to One of Loving Collaboration?

Drowning in Quicksand

Drowning in Quicksand

How do we take the leap from our ‘dog eat dog’ thinking where all business is about ‘who dares wins’ and we have to keep our new ideas secret in case someone else steals them, because if they do then their company will make a fat profit and our business might go under, and if that happens then the children won’t be able to stay at their expensive school and we might have to downsize and then other people will think we’re failures…..? Uh-oh! Brain freeze.

So how do we take a leap from this quicksand paradigm to one where love is the fundamental building block; where people, companies and even countries collaborate, and we support each other to do the things we love? It can sound saccharine sweet, can’t it, and a big fat lie? Unrealistic! Idealistic! It’ll never happen! It’s simply not human nature!

But what if the leap is possible? What if the loving compassionate collaborative vision is as real as nature herself? If you believed it was a real option, would you be more inclined to take the leap?

Collaboration is scary when you think there isn’t enough to go around. If there is a power cut and only 100 candles in the local shop to service a neighbourhood of thousands, would you be out for yourself or would you stroll down to the shop knowing your friends will share?

And as our energy resources become scarce are you inclined to stockpile, or do you relax and just know there’ll be enough to go around?

When we’re afraid we tend to be focused on the lowest common denominator. We must look after our family after all. Sounds fair enough, right? And as nature is based on survival of the fittest, as Darwin apparently told us, then our nature is to operate like this, isn’t it?

But what if you discovered that this isn’t the case?

An image comes to mind of a candle lit by one match. Then many mirrors reflecting the candle and its flame. All of a sudden, even though there is only one candle, the amount of light in the room increases dramatically. A second image comes to mind of a circular grove of solar panels all reflecting the light of the sun to the top of one huge tower set like a beacon in the centre. After a google search I found a place just like the image I saw. It’s in Spain - a joint venture between an Abu Dhabi company and a Spanish energy company to create a phenomenally effective solar power system which even operates at night.

Solar Panels with Central Tower

Solar Panels with Central Tower

Would it surprise you to learn that Darwin never uttered the words ‘survival of the fittest’? And if you read books like The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton and The Bond by Lynne McTaggart you’ll soon realise we’ve been brainwashed throughout our schooling. Nature is essentially collaborative. We survive because of collaboration - right down to the tiniest single cell. It appears that nature has all the answers to all the questions we can ask her. So, what if this means human nature is also collaborative? And if collaboration is more effective than not, does this change the way you look at the world around you? It changes my view, thats for sure.

So how do we make the leap?

A leap from fear to love catapults us in to a far higher level of creative function. Our passion and genius ignite to thrust us in to a new, vibrant paradigm. Just like the solar panels and their central tower, if we all focus our attention and energy in harmony with each other towards a loving, creative environment then we’ll harness the collaborative essence of nature and create our Eden.


  1. Love how you gently brought me from one world to another of possibility and potential. The power of words


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