Is Your Creativity Birthing Brilliance or Counterfeit Currency?

Einsteins Genius

Einsteins Genius

I’m still stunned by the unexpected results of my nomadic journey. I’ve been officially nomadic for the last thirteen months, even though I have been staying with friends quite longterm now. The last thing I anticipated was a novel to come out of this. I thought I was going to South Africa to make a documentary - although I haven’t dispensed with that idea yet.

The more I take heed of my intuition the more I realise I don’t need to know what route I’ll take to an end result. My route doesn’t look at all direct, its circuitous. And my route gives me other end results like this novel - and yet I can see how this supports the film making journey too. As long as I don’t burden myself with the rights and wrongs of how I live my life, and don’t engage with how long it takes to do what I set out to do, then I can relax in to the creative flow.

When I chose to attend William Whiteclouds inaugural Million $ Book Club Writers Workshop in LA three weeks ago I asked myself what he could teach me. After all I was already two thirds of the way through my novel, I was using the intuitive guidance to my natural success some of the time, so was this really essential or was it just a distraction? Was I goaded in to believing that William is the authority and I can’t create a book effectively without his guidance?

I went with an open and curious mind. No matter what, I’d get something powerful from it, I decided.

I learned a shed load, or more rightly a sleigh load. I also unlearned a shed load too - which is frequently more important. You have to let go of those hard and fast rules to play in the realm of the Muse and her creative magic. Choosing to be orientated towards the end result of what you’d love to create engages the super-conscious, the realm of your own personal genie or Muse (whichever you prefer to call her). Staying put in being process oriented results in a regurgitation of other people’s strategies. A melange of morsels from other peoples minds.

Its simple to divide our creativity in to two levels - high level creative function which springs from the loins of our highest guidance, birthing brilliance and our unique expression and low level creative function which births counterfeit currency.

I’m now putting these ideas in to action and it wasn’t as straightforward a landing as I expected. I have had two weeks of writing with a mind thats felt like treacle. Instead of my usual unquestioning communication with my intuition, I have distrusted a lot of what my Muse has given me, or rather distrusted my ability to interpret her offerings. I’ve been grumpy, muddled and discombobulated.

But I’ve kept at it with Williams encouraging words ringing in my ears, ‘Its not your job to decide if its any good or not, just keep writing and let us decide!’

This morning I have a closer affinity with my Muse.

I’m learning that it doesn’t matter how skilled and talented I am, and how top of the range my technology might be, if I create from low level creativity, I’ll be offering music which doesn’t resonate; like trying to play a piano (even if its a Steinway) under water. But if I leap from the depths to where my higher level creativity flies, and my Muse resides, I’ll be shouting out my message just because I can.

Underwater Piano

Underwater Piano

There is a thrill and a freedom in creating because I can and because I love it. My Muse knows that if anyone wants to hear what I have to say, they’ll find it. The resonance will vibrate in tune with their heart and I don’t have to tailor make, reduce, conform, or package it in a particular way. Instead of playing that sunken piano ten metres underwater I’m leaning out of the open door of a helicopter, one foot on the landing skids, enjoying the view and loving the flight.

Francesca Cassini, Storyteller & Lionheart Coach for Courageous Challenge, Change, Creativity.

*Thanks to Jeff Clarke for the Einsten image I found on this Neoformix website



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