Feel Like This About Making Money?

Feel Like This About Making Money?

I know this sounds like a crazy question because work is to make money to eat, pay the bills and mortgage etc. Maybe we even enjoy it, if we’re lucky.

But what if that’s not really what it’s for? What if these are benefits, not the main reason. What if work is to express our unique qualities and gifts - to be an expression of our heart and soul - like a painting but in the form of a business…? 

If you work in something now (employed or self-employed) and go home exhausted or bored, under-utilised or overwhelmed, or maybe just with a restless niggle which whispers ‘is this really all there is?’ this is a great indication you’re not expressing your true nature. You may think ‘well, of course not! How can I support myself if I do what I want. How do I make money out of drawing, making model airplanes, or storytelling? Even if I could make ends meet there must be thousands better than me and more established! The dream ends before it has begun. It remains in that inner cupboard we’ve labelled ‘fantasy’ when we tell ourselves we must stay in the ‘real’ world.

I’ve always been entrepreneurial. My first business was a domestic employment agency, responsible for sending Nannies, Mothers Helps and Couples to very wealthy families all around the world. I set this up because I was great with children but wanted to a run a business. Initially I loved it. After a couple of years I found it didn’t satisfy me. I was great at what I did, my business developed an excellent reputation for service, but I hated being stuck in the office on the end of a phone. When I sold it after nine years I swore I’d never build an office business again! I am so much more than an employment recruiter!

I created several more businesses. My skills worked well in each although I lacked financial ones. But still they didn’t quite give me that sense of expressing the best of me. Was I was being unrealistic?

It took four years of training in an ‘intuition on demand’ modality to find out my true and greatest qualities - often the aspects of us that are so normal and natural we assume everyone else has them too. Because they’re so natural they feel effortless so we don’t think of them as ‘work’. We may shrug them off when others mention them. And most of us would never even think about using them to create a business.

I have found I am a storyteller. I share what inspires me and supports a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. But how does a storyteller create a business? Storytellers were very sought after in ancient courts, but not any more unless you’re J K Rowling or Steven Spielberg. Sounds an unlikely passion and gift to use effectively in our present climate. However, helping reveal the story of a persons heart and soul is valuable when people want to know who they really are, particularly when contemplating a major life decision.

So what about you? Do you express the best of your qualities and feel vibrantly alive as you work? If not, spend some time each day noticing what you’re engaged in when you feel most alive or most absorbed, in work and out. Notice what people tell you you’re great at - really notice, don’t push the compliment away.

And ask yourself questions: -
If you had all the money you needed what would you spend your time doing? (Honestly, the idea you’ll just lie on a beach for evermore isn’t true - it would pall after a time)
If you could do anything what would you do?
What would you love to be remembered for?
What would inspire you to leap out of bed in the morning?
What would inspire you to work all night?
What would you love doing even if you never got paid?
What do you do as easily as breathing? (apart from breathing!)
And what advice would you love to give your children?

Shut your internal critic up when you do this - it doesn’t matter if you think you can make it into a viable business. That comes later. Initially you want to find those aspects of you that you enjoy so much, time flies, and you feel a sense of satisfaction, like after you’ve eaten your favourite (and most nutritious) meal! 

Once you have found at least one thing in which you naturally excel - even if it is as simple as making people smile - start incorporating it into your day. It doesn’t matter when and where you do this, just make sure you invest time in it. If it’s one of your true gifts it will change the flavour of your day and can be built upon. You never know what impact it may have on others, and what unexpected doors may swing open.

I know someone who loves cartooning (my sister!) but used to be a swimming pool attendant at a leisure club. One day one of the members saw her drawing a birthday card for a friend, invited her to work as a caricaturist at a party and she never looked back. Every day she draws cartoons and caricatures, earns amazing money, travels for work and loves her life. It wouldn’t have happened if she only ever drew in the privacy of her own home.  Now, she never even knew that such a job existed - and if she had she never thought she was ‘good’ enough - in fact sometimes she still doesn’t think she’s good enough even though she’s caricatured most of the royal family including the Queen! Her work is absolutely an expression of her heart - bringing a combination of laughter and art to the world. Through this she met her soulmate and they have an envious lifestyle.

She is of course unique, but after all the intuitive work I’ve done I know we all have our unique qualities which I call our ‘lionheart’. Its these qualities which can be turned into a life we love and still bring home the bacon (or quorn if you’re a vegetarian).

Please contact me on francesca@roardio.com if I can support you through any of the following:
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