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For all of us stepping out in to the unknown, or wanting to embrace it, whether you call this living in a new paradigm or simply making big decisions and changes in this time of transition. If you’re looking to radically alter your path in life, and/or want to be a part of the change which makes our world a more inspired place to live in, then you’ll enjoy this site. On my journeys I meet people who are devoted to making a difference - some through various personal development options, some through creating/marketing environmentally healthy products and developing ethical business.

We don’t all have to be a Merida character, from Pixars movie ‘Brave’ and commit to our freedom before we turn twenty. We can choose to connect with the courage of our lionhearts at any age. I’ve been on the edge of this for so many years but it was wasn’t till I turned 55 that I really tuned in to the roar of my heart.

Roardio is a place to share the magic of life and our own extraordinary nature; the energy, the consciousness which is inherent in everything, the collaborative essence that underpins even the tiniest cell, and our ability to weave what we love in to our every day lives, excelling beyond anything we’re taught is possible. I love walking and I am awed by the nature around me and how magical it all is. Sometimes I look up at the sky and remember I’m living on a planet which is hurtling through space and it’s a very humbling thought. I think of the way we humans have so much more potential than we often believe about ourselves and realize that the nine tenths of the brain we don’t use is possibly where the magic is. Roardio is my place to share this magic, and when we’re tuned in to the magic I believe we become Lion Hearted, following our passions, our hearts desires and creating a human society which transcends the one we’re a part of right now.

Roardio is where I can shout about ideas and thoughts which inspire me and which I believe can make a difference in our own lives as well as make a difference to our life here on Earth. Roardio is a place for my own exploration - testing my ability to live in accordance with my intuition, using it as my daily guide and my star to steer by. I have wanted the courage to step in to the unknown and see what happens if I simply listen to my heart - and after thirty years I have found that courage.

My experience comes from publishing a magazine in London called The Changing Times and also from working in the Copperstrings network as one of the founder members. I’ve also gained a truck load of experience by attending a substantial number of personal and spiritual growth courses as well as a multitude of seminars on success and wealth.

My ‘intuition on demand’ training was with Darren Eden and I trained with him between Feb 09 and June ‘11! I have found this to be the most powerful training I’ve experienced to date; it put me firmly in touch with my imagination and intuition and is the one most responsible for my latest heading on my compass rose of life!

I’ve been living nomadically since January ‘13 and have met some amazing people. This was my leap in to the unknown and if you’re thinking of taking your own leap in to the unknown and would love intuitive support I offer intuitive mentoring to help ‘Wake Your Lionheart’.

I’d love your comments and connections. Wishing you a magical journey, love Francesca

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  1. WooHoo! What a great find you are! Live from the heart, let the head figure out how to fulfil those dreams - (not the other struggly way around!)

    I’ve been teaching it for years!

    I SO want to talk to you!


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