‘VIP is proud to distribute our online cartoon video created by RoardioTV. They were able to capture exactly what we were looking for in just a few short brainstorming sessions. They have outstanding communication, quick turnaround times and their product is top notch. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to create an online video where quality matters.’ – Kelli Schnieder, Director - Quality Management Services for VIP, USA.

“Working with Francesca is a very collaborative, creative and imaginative experience. She is completely open to new ideas, new ways of doing things, new knowledge, new information. She is fully committed to living and working a passionate life through her business. Her enthusiasm and curiosity about the heart of her clients businesses is catching. She is the spark to the fire. I looking forward to a continued working relationship and now friendship with Francesca.” Anne Scott, Crossing Frontiers.

“Working with Roardio was an extremely productive experience. Francesca Casini absorbed herself completely in the subject matter of my book and conducted the subsequent interviews with intelligence and professionalism. I’d certainly recommend the Roardio services to anyone contemplating using them.” Anthony Stephens, author of ‘Amesha Spenta - the Nun Who Killed God. (See Anthony Stephens)

“Francesca’s passion for discovering what makes people tick and the reasonable price of her bespoke services allow me to recommend her to many of the speakers and authors I work with to enable them to have a YouTube channel with multiple videos featuring their unique emphasis with no delay. They benefit almost immediately and publishers like that authors have an online video presence, which adds to the bag of tricks that publishers these days are requesting.”
- Pavel Mikoloski, Quantum Leap Productions

“Francesca is wonderful to work with, highly professional and efficient, caring and very reasonable.”
- Hazel Courteney; Author, Journalist, Broadcaster.

(see Countdown to Coherence)

Francesca Cassini has boosted my sales and increased my confidence. We made three 60 second videos together (www.electromind.com) and I can honestly say that sales of the specific event we were promoting have doubled.

Francesca has an awesome interviewing style and an uncanny knack of extracting loads of information from you in a very short period of time. She helped me summarise, clarify and script my key messages and after a few rehearsals I was encouraged to “go for it” in front of the camera.

I was impressed at how quickly she was able to understand enough about my business to help tease out the salient points for the video. It’s mainly my content however Francesca made useful suggestions to improve the content and make more of an impact.

She is friendly, approachable, fun to work with and if you would like to make a short video about you or your company at an affordable cost I can highly recommend her.

Stephen Allott
Director ElectroMind Ltd and Group Leader 4N London Gloucester Road

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